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Our standoffs are all machined in-house at a tolerance of +/- .005". They are all cut to length on our cold saw then drilled and threaded using a high speed carbide drill and thread mill for maximum efficiency and checked with go/no-go plug gauges to ensure quality.

Made from 316L in two main sizes, 3/8 square and 1/2 square. We stock many lengths from 1/4" through 4" and could make what you require if we do not stock that length. The stock thread sizes for each are 10-32 for 3/8" square and 1/4-28 for 1/2" square

If you have special requests for size, length, thread size or material we are happy to get you what you need. Some common special orders we provide are coarse threads, metric threads, blank standoffs and 316L stainless standoffs.

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