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Feeder Coils

At Piercy Machine we manufacture the highest quality coils in the vibratory feeder industry. Every coil is tested and ran to verify its compliance with our standards, and we guarantee our quality and back it with a 1 year warranty.

We carry both a UL license and CE certification. 7 coils are UL listed and 8 are CE certified. In addition, we also manufacture 1/2 wave coils that run at 30 hz. 110 volt coils are rated at 60 hz and 230 volt coils are 50/60hz.

The menu at the left you will see a list of all of our standard stock coils, with the mounting, mounting centers, and cord positions that we normally carry. Every coil can be customized to fit your application. With each coil we send a welded and surface ground pole plate at no additional cost, and each coil is also surface ground to maximize its surface potential.

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Our coils available in...